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You must be upset, when you’re traveling and bring some of your automatic watches, ready to wear it to any place, but you find your favorite watch is not wind up. Rewinding it can be tiring when what you want is your watch to be ready at any time.

To charge an object, we can use variety of ways. Unlike what we do with a smartphone, to charge an automatic watch, people usually use a rotating watch box that can also be called the Watch Winder, a box for automatic watch. Well, it turns out there are some Watch Winders that have a tiny size and can be carried everywhere like the power bank.

What it looks like?


Carrying a huge box for the automatic watch to the plane is something almost impossible. You want to bring a single watch winder just to make sure that exactly watch you will use at a special moment wound. Choose a single watch winder that varies between 120 – 200 in either height, wide and depth so it will fit your luggage.


As you continue to move on your journey, putting heavy watch winder back and forth will be excruciating. Aside from bringing a small watch winder, opt to choose a lightweight box for an automatic watch that weighs around 0,5kg to 2kg.


The last thing you want when you arrive in your hotel room is to find your box for automatic watch scratch or even worse, break. If your watch winder breaks, where will you put your watch to wound? So make sure your watch winder is though enough to go through all the commotion on the plane. You may want to consider buying a travel case to help protect  the winder during your travels. 

Now, you don’t need to worry about your watch not wound enough when you are travelling.


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